Techniques offered on this page are for advice only and do not represent all available angling techniques on offer to anglers who visit Bemm River. Many people use lures and plastics and practice catch and release. Please do not take issue with any of the tips given here - if they don't work don't be disappointed, the fishing might be off on the particular day or they are simply not there. Just up anchor and keep shifting.

The number one tip is ASK!! When you arrive in town ask around what is biting; where they are biting and what they are biting on. The shop and the hotel are probably your prime spots but the jetty is also a good source of information. Most anglers are only too happy to let you in on their 'secret spots'.

Check the weather and the tides. Fishing isn't all about just chucking a line in a hoping a fish will come along and eat it. You need to be aware of what the weather is doing. For example the barometric pressure is an indication on where fish may be present in the water table. If the pressure is rising, the fish will be more active in the upper levels but if the pressure is dropping then the bream may be relatively inactive and located closer to the bottom.


This is Kyros Mostert and his salmon caught at Pearl Point on the 25th May 2014


Two young girls Leila Mostert and Kayla Dykes fishing at Dolly's Garden May 25th 2014

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